VMZ single lock standing seam

VMZ Flat lock panel

What is VMZ Flat lock panels system for facade?

VMZ Flat lock panels offer a simple yet elegant cladding solution that provides a longitudinal flat seam. The system uses a simple interlocking fold on all four sides and can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

This solution is suitable for all buildings up to 30 m. The pre-formed panels are easy to install.


Characteristics of this technique

  • VMZ Zinc plus Flat lock Panel is installed on minimum 15mm plywood.
  • An anti-abrasive building paper (i.e. Tyvek) must be laid between VMZ Zinc plus and plywood.
  • A 20 mm continuous ventilation gap must be left clear beneath the plywood.
  • Recessed joints with concealed fastenings.
  • Continuous ventilation openings are made at the top and bottom.The substructure (not supplied) can be either galvanized steel or aluminium rail.

Surface aspects: QUARTZ-ZINC in VMZ Zinc plus / ANTHRA-ZINC in VMZ Zinc plus / PIGMENTO in VMZ Zinc plus


What is VMZ Zinc plus?

VMZ Zinc plus is VMZINC coated on the underside with a protective layer (VMZINC patent).

  • Allows the use of an incompatible roof deck.
  • VMZ Zinc plus products can be bent, folded or profiled without any surface change (similar to VMZINC products) and thus allow the exact methods of laying.
Thickness 0.7 mm - 0.8 mm
Length to 3 m
Centre to centre from 100 mm to 375 mm
Weight* 8 kg/m²

(*) Weight of the system /sq. m excluding framework.

Simplicité de pose Traditional system,
Simplicité de pose Its simplicity making it elegant,
Technicité Horizontal, vertical and diamond shape,
Technicité Recessed and non recessed joint allowing 2 different aesthetic,
Simplicité de pose Easy to install.
  • Flat facades.
  • For vertical and horizontal installation.
  • For buildings higher than 30 meters, consult VMZINC.
  • Curvature :
    - For horizontal panels: radius > 10 m
    - For vertical panels: radius > 3 m
  • Soffit installation: panel maximum 2 meters long.



The support must be:

  • 15mm plywood rigid and continuous, with a minimum 20mm ventilation cavity that is unobstructed,
  • Rigid and continuous,
  • Meet loading requirements in conformity with a minimum pull out strength of 50 daN for each clip,
  • Rest on at least 3 bearing structure elements,
  • Have no protruding elements.

Designed to be field assembled in sequential installation. A 20 mm continuous ventilation gap must be left clear beneath the substructure. Continuous ventilation openings are made at the top and bottom.


Lay the panel on the structure

VMZ Flat lock panels are installed from bottom to top for both vertical and horizontal laying.

Vertical From left to right - recessed joint on right side.
Horizontal From right to left - recessed joint always on top to ensure it is waterproof .

Installation of clips

Clips have a dual function :
   - Ensuring the mechanical resistance of the entire roof
   - Allowing free expansion of the metal


Galvanised Steel clips Thickness: 0.5 mm. The clip is pre-punched with counter-sunk holes for attachment. Designed to withstand negative load requirements.

VMZ Flat lock panel is a wall system based on factory formed custom sized rectangular shaped VMZINC elements featuring a formed interlocking welt at all edges. They are installed by engaging the lower edge of each panel in the upper edge of the panel below and mechanically attaching the panels to supports using concealed clips located under the upper edges of panels.

For more information, please contact VMZINC.

Download 2D details: