Zinc plus

Zinc plus is an exceptional product which combines our high quality rolled zinc alloy with a long lasting and high density coating applied to protect the underside of the material from corrosion.

Zinc plus is available in all aspects (Natural zinc , ANTHRA-ZINC and QUARTZ-ZINC and PIGMENTO).

This innovative product extends the capabilities of regular VMZINC in the following ways:

  • It makes installation possible on roof decking made of incompatible materials like plywood or some treated timber.
  • It makes installation possible in a "warm roof".

    Warm roofs are compact roof applications typically without plywood and are used for projects with high internal humidity such as swimming pools and gymnasiums. Steel substructure and high density insulation are used rather than ventilated plywood.

    (please note plywood must always be ventilated as per VMZINC cold roof and rainscreen applications).

  • Zinc plus, like natural Zinc plus, can be bent, folded or profiled without any surface changes thus allowing the use of identical installation methods to natural.


How is it made?

To create Zinc plus, a 60 micron thick coating is applied to the underside of the zinc. This is performed at VMZINC plants under strict quality control. The type of coating used and its thickness are important factors in the durability of this product.

The coating is a light grey color.



Incompatible substrates

Some materials are not compatible with zinc.

For instance, woods with a pH of less than 5 must be avoided since they can have a corrosive effect on zinc in the presence of humidity.

Plywood can also be problematic since it can be composed of acidic wood species or may contain tannins or phenolic glues.

Laying zinc on acoustical felt or other absorbent materials could result in the zinc being in constant contact with moisture resulting in corrosion.

The solution to all these incompatible supports is to use Zinc plus. Its protective coating safely isolates the zinc and allows for exceptional durability.