CPD Presentations


CPD Program

The CPD Program (Continuing Professional Development) endorsed by the Australian Institute of Architects is a great initiative towards knowledge building and professional improvement. 


VMZINC has been recognised by AACA/RAIA as an official provider of CPD activities and we are offering a free in-house presentation for architects.


Our presentation is not brand driven and awards the attendants with a certificate and 2 CPD points. It consists of: 


Zinc Roofing and Wall Systems

  1. Properties of Zinc
  2. Green Building and Sustainability
  3. Zinc Roofing Applications
  4. Zinc Wall Panel Applications
  5. Using Zinc with other Building Materials
  6. Conclusion.


If you have interest in receiving our presentation, please contact us to arrange a suitable time.


More info about CPD: http://www.architecture.com.au/i-cms?page=1.13262.11410.7118


More info about Refuel CPD Provider Network: http://www.architecture.com.au/i-cms?page=11415